Cost savings: how resellers can guide customers through the energy-saving benefits of voltage optimisation

Cost savings: how resellers can guide customers through the energy saving benefits of voltage optimisation


Energy bills can be a huge overhead for homes and businesses, particularly for energy-intensive businesses such as manufacturing, heating and cooling, and processing.

Many organisations are keen to find a way to reduce their energy costs, as well as operate in a more sustainable and energy-efficient manner, but aren’t sure where to start and how it will impact both their business and their bills. Electrical equipment in the UK is designed to work at 220 volts, however, the national grid can supply businesses and homes with up to 253 volts. The difference is not only wasted energy, it also costs money and can cause equipment to wear out sooner. Voltage optimisation (VO) cuts out this wasted energy and can lengthen the life of electrical products, all while reducing a home’s or business’ carbon footprint. Resellers are perfectly positioned to offer their guidance and advice when it comes to making recommendations and demonstrating the benefits of VO.


There are several steps resellers can take to help customers calculate how much VO will save their business:

1: Undertake an energy audit

Organisations need to fully understand how much energy they are using and what it is costing them annually in energy bills. Armed with information on historical energy bills, the most energy-intensive equipment and consumption patterns, resellers can see the peak points and recommend the best solution. GWE are on hand to help you through this step with your customers.

2: Identify voltage-sensitive equipment

Overloading equipment shortens its overall lifespan, but there is equipment that’s particularly sensitive to overload such as lighting and heating elements. These items are likely to ‘burn out’ faster and have a reduced lifespan if constantly overloaded.

While it’s challenging for resellers to precisely quantify the cost of equipment replacement in the overall potential energy costs and projected savings for customers, it’s still important to make them aware of the impact high voltage is having on its equipment.

3: Calculate energy savings

 Calculate the energy usage once our eco-max is installed, optimising the voltage being used by their equipment. We have an energy savings calculator on our website that resellers can utilise to demonstrate the potential savings for customers if they select our VO solution.

In addition to energy savings, businesses will be reducing their carbon footprint through reduction of energy use coupled with increasing the lifespan of their electrical products that will no longer be exposed to overloading.

The future’s VO

Voltage optimisation is a scientifically proven, reliable technology which can save businesses significant amounts of energy, money and carbon emissions.

Customers could save up to 19% of their energy consumption by installing a voltage optimiser. With soaring energy prices, the payback period for voltage optimisers is now frequently under 18 months, making them a very attractive energy saving investment.

Becoming a reseller partner with GWE, the UK’s original manufacturer of Voltage Optimisation, gives resellers the chance to grow their business with new and sustainable income streams by selling a reliable product from a trusted brand, one already chosen by businesses such as Kellogg’s, ASDA, IKEA and Amazon.

At a time when the cost of energy and the climate crisis is always in the headlines the opportunities in this relatively untapped market have never been greater.

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