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Saves money on your electricity bills by reducing your equipment energy consumption by up to 19%​

Lowers your Carbon Footprint helping you contribute to a greener future

Protects your electrical equipment, saving on replacement costs

Works alongside renewable energy e.g. solar

Saves money on your electricity bills

Lowers your Carbon Footprint helping you contribute to a greener future

Protects your electrical equipment, saving on replacement costs

Cleaner efficient electricity delivered reducing heat losses and waste

Save on maintenance costs by protecting your equipment

Protects your electrical equipment against voltage spikes or surges

eco-max VO

Our energy-saving company takes pride in offering innovative
solutions for businesses seeking to enhance energy efficiency and reduce energy-saving costs. Our Standard Voltage Optimisers help you cut down on
energy costs, save power, and
reduce your carbon footprint.

What are the Benefits?

Keep your premise’s energy bills low, by reducing your equipment’s energy consumption by up to 19%. 

Experience extensive reporting capabilities, providing the necessary data for sustainability reporting. 

Enjoy enhanced savings, reduce carbon emissions, and become a sustainability champion in the process. 

Trust a 29-year industry leader, offering voltage optimisation for a quick ROI. 

Increase profitability, boost efficiency, and join companies like Bupa, The National Trust and Kellogg’s.

eco-max PFC

eco-max PFC is an energy-saving system that saves you money by removing reactive power charges from
your electricity bill.

How does it work?

In business operations, certain electrical devices, such as
motors, draw both standard (active) power and reactive power. The balance between these two is referred to as the Power Factor. Excessive reactive power at your facility can result in supplementary charges on your electricity bill. eco-max Power Factor Correction technology eliminates reactive power and the associated expenses from your energy bills, helping you to further benefit from financial savings each month.

What are the benefits?

Eliminate reactive charges on your energy bills and reap the
financial rewards.

Decrease maintenance time and costs by protecting your equipment.

Free up capacity for additional electrical equipment and
business growth.

Enjoy cleaner, more efficient electricity, reducing heat
losses and waste.

Reduce your company’s carbon emissions helping you contribute to a greener future.

eco-max Surge

eco-max Surge is a protection system that keeps your electrical equipment safe, extending its life expectancy.

How does it work?
Electrical equipment at your business is constantly exposed to potential risks arising from electrical spikes and surges. These disruptions can stem from actions such as machine and appliance switching, power grid adjustments, or even lightning strikes. By implementing the eco-max surge solution, you can ensure that these spikes and surges are effectively absorbed, providing a protective shield for your electrical equipment against potential damage or malfunctions.

What are the benefits?

Protect your electrical equipment against voltage spikes or surges. 

Extend the operational lifespan of transformers and sensitive equipment. 

Mitigate system disturbances and interruptions, allowing your site operations to continue as normal.

Reduce long-term maintenance expenses and the need for frequent and costly equipment.

Ensure full compliance with wiring regulations and void the penalties of non-conformance.

eco-max surge protection

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