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High-Quality Sales Training

Reach your sales targets with top-notch training and tools

Exclusive Partner Portal

Coming Soon, Exclusive CRM system made for your ease

Marketing Materials

Drive growth with captivating marketing resources

Technical Support

Resolve any issues with our dedicated technical support team

Expert Account Managers

Benefit from the support of experienced account managers to seize opportunities

Commercial Support

Beyond sales and marketing, we offer financial assistance and guidance for a confident business journey.


 Enjoy exclusive partner discounts, providing competitive pricing for outstanding energy solutions.

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  • Built-in CRM: Easily set up new clients and allocate one or multiple sites to them.
  • You can track your client’s progress with focused data and a visual dashboard.
  • From pitch to proposal: Generate initial and detailed reports for each client site.
  • Allocate our team members to work alongside you in generating reports and pitching to prospects.
  • Access a range of technical, sales & marketing training and resources to improve your conversion rate.
  • Help step-by-step report-creating journey, allowing you to generate complex reports for your customers effortlessly.

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Calculate the potential savings your customers could benefit from.

Effortlessly create data-driven reports tailored to equip your customers with the insights they require for well-informed decisions and streamlined ESG reporting.

Utilise our savings calculator to discover your customers’ potential for energy reduction, along with extra perks like mitigating their carbon footprint, enjoying the short eco-max payback time, and grasping the one-time investment cost, which includes installation.

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Our Happy Customer Promise

GWE’s 5 values ensure that customer relationships are at the top of our agenda and every

exchange is honest and professional. We nurture our longstanding supplier relationships to

guarantee continuous excellent products and prices.

Partner Training Sessions

We offer regular training sessions for our partners to help you fully understand how eco-max works, and how to specifically apply it so that you can quickly and easily get up and running with offering VO to your customers.

To learn more about our regular Partner training session. 

Speak to a member of our expert sales team.

Expert Account Management

At GWE we support our resellers to streamline their operations and focus on what matters most. By providing top-notch sales training, expert account managers, technical support, marketing materials, and commercial support, we can help you succeed. Join our team and let’s make the world a greener place together.

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