GWE will 100% guarantee the savings percentage detailed in our formal savings guarantee offer

If you do not achieve the stated saving percentage (i.e. you achieve 9% instead of 19%) then we will provide a one-off payment to maintain the payback of the equipment as detailed within our proposal. The payment value will be based on the site loading and usage originally detailed in our proposal.

Calculating & projecting the savings percentage prior to installation
Each site will be treated as an individual case, but generally in order to provide a formal savings guarantee we need the following information.

This information is normally gathered/reviewed by GWE or one its appointed agents, by carrying out a comprehensive technical survey and by the fitting of a data logger/loggers.

Any short fall in either the quality or quantity of the information provided/gathered will restrict our ability to make or offer a savings guarantee. Any shortfall in information will also be highlighted within the formal savings guarantee.

Once accepted this information forms the basis of our calculations and the savings guarantee so cannot be adjusted or disputed.

Carrying out comprehensive technical surveys and the fitting of a data logger/loggers is a chargeable service (invoiced on a proforma basis for new customers). The cost of this service is will be partly/fully refunded, against any subsequent order placed, (if placed within six months of the survey date) for the implementation of ECO-MAX optimisers. Survey cost and refunds are dependent on the site size and location and the size/type of ECO-MAX optimiser required, so need to be quoted and accepted prior to carrying out the work. Formal savings guarantee offers are limited to the ECO-MAX-POWER range, unless otherwise agreed by GWE in writing.

For the ECO-MAX-COMMERCIAL and ECO-MAX-HOME ranges we provided a savings range based on the information provided solely by the client completing and returning our desktop feasibility form. Our savings calculations and projections are based on the information provided and as such, we cannot be held responsible for any assumptions we are forced to make for missing or inaccurate information.

In these instances we will guarantee the anticipated Typical Saving shown less a 2% tolerance.

Qualifying the savings percentage after installation
Measuring and quantifying the results of voltage optimisation can be very difficult with dynamic loads. You cannot simply compare last month’s bill without the optimiser, with this month’s bill with the optimiser, as this does not take the variable into account. Generally there are two methods for establishing the savings percentages:

It is the savings percentage that is guaranteed. Any short fall in the projected kWh, CO2 or financial savings due variables outside of our control, for example, but not limited to:

…are not covered under our savings guarantee.