Powering Efficiency: Benefits of Voltage Optimisation for the Hospitality Industry

Powering Efficiency: Benefits of Voltage Optimisation for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is notorious for its high energy consumption due to the round-the-clock operation of various amenities. As a sector, it has significant potential for reducing energy usage, with The Paris Agreement on Climate Change stating that the hospitality industry needs to decarbonise its operations by 2050. One effective solution gaining traction is voltage optimisation. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of voltage optimisation and how it can positively impact energy efficiency in the hospitality sector.

Understanding Voltage Optimisation

If you’re wondering exactly what it is, here’s a little explanation:

Electrical equipment in the UK needs only 220 volts to operate. The National Grid supplies fluctuating voltage levels up to 253 volts. Despite equipment not benefitting from this extra voltage, as a hospitality business owner you’re still paying for it. A voltage optimiser dynamically adjusts incoming voltage to match the optimal level required by the connected equipment, cutting out the wasted energy.

Benefits of Voltage Optimisation for Hospitality Businesses

 Reduces Energy Consumption and Saves Money

Voltage optimisation helps hospitality businesses lower their electricity bills by reducing overall energy consumption. By delivering the exact voltage required for optimal performance, the technology eliminates wasteful energy usage, resulting in significant cost savings over time. Plus, unlike other renewable technologies, the payback period for the investment can be relatively short. Some hotel owners have seen as much as a 10% reduction in their consumption following installation, and a payback period of only six months.

Reduces Environmental Footprint

By lowering energy consumption, voltage optimisation contributes to environmental sustainability efforts. Hospitality businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to eco-friendly practices, which is increasingly important to environmentally conscious consumers.

Extends the Lifespan of Equipment

Voltage fluctuations can cause premature wear and tear of electrical equipment. This leads to higher maintenance or replacement costs and contributes to waste generation. Consistent voltage levels ensure that equipment operates efficiently and reliably, reducing the risk of downtime and disruptions to guest services.

Aligns with ESG Goals

Hotels and other hospitality businesses can leverage VO to enhance their energy efficiency performance metrics and demonstrate progress towards ESG goals related to resource conservation. Installing a VO system also reflects a commitment to innovation and adopting best practices in energy management.

Meets Stakeholder Expectations

In an increasingly socially conscious marketplace, stakeholders, including guests and investors, expect businesses to take a proactive approach to managing their environmental impact and fostering long-term sustainability. This alignment with stakeholder expectations strengthens the reputation of the business and enhances its attractiveness to socially responsible consumers and potential investors.

Case Study: Holiday Inn

The Carbon Trust surveyed a hotel in the Holiday Inn group and highlighted that voltage optimisation would be beneficial in reducing the hotel’s energy consumption.

Below is the outcome following the installation:

  • 10% reduction in energy consumption
  • £34,204 saved annually
  • 76,009 KWhrs saved per annum
  • 6-month payback period

Since installation, as well as reduced energy bills, Holiday Inn has seen a reduction in equipment failures, and associated replacements/maintenance.

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