Big Energy Saving Week: Top Tips for Businesses this Winter

It’s Big Energy Saving Week! A national campaign run by the Energy Saving Trust offering essential energy advice to individuals and businesses, helping them save energy and money during winter.

At GWE, we’re committed to manufacturing high-quality Voltage Optimisation solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions for businesses. While our eco-max Voltage Optimisation is proven to be a cost-effective solution, many other strategies can also be beneficial.

So, for this year’s Big Energy Saving Week 2024, we’re sharing the top energy-saving tips for businesses during the winter season.



Top Energy-Saving Hacks for Businesses:

1. Position Thermostats Wisely:

Thermostat placement matters! Place your thermostat in a central location, away from windows, doors and heat sources, to ensure accurate temperature readings and efficient heating of your premises.


2. Submit Meter Readings on Time:


Don’t let those estimated bills mess with your budget. Ensure you send in your meter readings on time. It’s the best way to make sure you’re only paying for the energy you have used.

3. Switch to LED lights and motion sensors

Invest in smarter lighting solutions for your workplace. LED lights deliver remarkable energy savings (up to 80%), have an extended lifespan, and can be paired with motion sensors to maximise efficiency.

4. Raise Staff Awareness:


Turn your team into green champions! Share energy-saving tips and raise awareness with internal presentations and posters. Empowering your staff to make informed choices, and to identify and address energy inefficiencies, not only cuts costs but also minimises your carbon footprint.


5. Consider Long-Term Investments:

Investing in energy-efficient solutions is a proactive approach that promises long-term savings. Insulating your boiler, pipes, and roofs, using timers, and switching to energy-efficient bulbs are wise long-term investments. Also, think about swapping out older office equipment for energy-efficient appliances and switching old boilers with newer, energy-efficient models.

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6. Invest in Voltage Optimisation

Did you know that by installing our eco-max optimisers you can reduce your equipment’s and appliances’ energy consumption by up to 19%?

For more than 25 years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses save thousands of pounds on their energy bills:  

  • We saved Kellogg’s more than £80,000 a year
  • Reduced ASDA’s carbon emissions by 1,823 tonnes a year
  • Saved Sainsbury’s 25.4% on their bills

Plus, the ROI for our clients is usually under 2 years, with some of our clients paying back their eco-max in as little as 6 months.

To get an estimate of how much your business could save each year with eco-max, use our simple calculator.

As Big Energy Saving Week draws to a close, remember that these practical tips aren’t just for a week – they’re a blueprint for a brighter, greener future.

Implementing these strategies empowers your business to become a sustainability champion, reduce costs, shrink your carbon footprint, and boost your bottom line.

And if you’re considering a fresh energy-saving approach for your business, then our eco-max optimisers could be the solution for you. Use our savings calculator to check out how much you could save. It’s a win-win – lower bills and a greener planet.

Ready to embrace winter savings? Get started today:


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