Time to Calculate: How Much Will Voltage Optimisation Save My Business?

Voltage optimisation is a smart energy management solution that has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and costs for your business.

By optimising the voltage levels supplied to electrical equipment, voltage optimisation systems can enhance efficiency without compromising performance.

But how can you determine the potential savings for your specific business?

In this article, we’ll explore the steps to take, the wider benefits and how our reseller partners can support clients to understand what savings are possible.

Understand Your Current Energy Consumption

Before you can work out how much you’ll save, you first need to get a clear understanding of your current energy usage.

Review your utility bills and gather data on your electricity consumption over a representative period, ideally a year.

As well as informing the calculation process, conducting a simple energy audit can help you identify peak usage times and any patterns in consumption. You might be surprised by areas of energy wastage and be able to identify opportunities for improvement.

Make a Calculation

Once you have data on your current energy usage, you can estimate the potential savings.

Business owners and resellers can use our free online calculator to determine how much could be saved by investing in a voltage optimisation system.

All you need to do is answer three simple questions – about the type of business, operating hours and current energy usage.

Taking all this information, and drawing on years of experience, we’ll share with you the amount you have the potential to save.

Assess the Return on Investment

Another factor you’ll of course want to consider is the initial outlay, to determine whether you’re getting the return on investment you need.

Compare the upfront investment in voltage optimisation equipment and installation with the projected annual savings.

Doing this will allow you to calculate the payback period – the time it takes for the savings to offset the initial investment. A shorter payback period indicates a higher ROI and greater financial benefit.

Consider Other Advantages

Beyond cost savings, voltage optimisation offers other benefits for your business.

By reducing your energy consumption, you’re also reducing your carbon emissions. This provides another way for your business to operate in a more sustainable way, demonstrating your commitment to any sustainability initiatives you have in place.

Voltage optimisation can also improve the efficiency and lifespan of your electrical equipment.

You should factor in potential maintenance cost savings and longer equipment lifespans when calculating overall savings.

For resellers, having a clear understanding of the benefits, allows you to help your client make a more informed decision.

Case Study: Amazon

GWE recently partnered with Amazon to look at energy consumption at their Milton Keynes distribution centre.

By using voltage optimisation systems, they were able to reduce energy usage by 11.75%.

In terms of the return on investment, the system paid for itself within eight months.

For more real-life examples, take a look at the Case Studies section of our website.

Support for our GWE Partners

As a GWE reseller the first question you’re likely asked about voltage optimisation, is “well how much money can it actually save my business?”.

Luckily, there is a way you can help your customer see the benefit of the service, by using our handy online calculator.

In just four easy steps you can give them the information they need and build a compelling picture around the benefits of voltage optimisation. Extra perks to highlight include reducing their carbon footprint, less equipment maintenance costs and a short payback period.

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