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Sheffield Manufacturer launches Energy Saving Website

Sheffield Manufacturer launches Energy Saving Website

Sheffield based GWE Group Ltd launched their new website this week, six months after moving to larger premises in the city. The expanding company has helped more than 5,000 UK companies save money on their electricity bills by installing an energy saving device from their Eco-Max range.

The company’s best-selling Voltage Optimiser – the Eco-Max Power – is installed at some of the UK’s largest businesses such as Amazon, ASDA, Kelloggs and IKEA. The affordable Eco-Max Commercial is available at nationwide via electrical distributors and is perfect for retailers, leisure facilities and small businesses who want to reduce their electricity bills.

The new website will enable visitor to the site to instantly calculate the amount they could save from the moment they install one of the devices, designed and manufactured in Sheffield.

Technical Director Ged Hebdige commented,
“We are thrilled with the design of the new website, it reflects the open and friendly culture of the company. And in true Yorkshire fashion, allows our customers to see how much money they can save!”

Managing Director, Wayne Cramer added,
“The new website is mobile friendly so it can be used by our approved installers while they are out in the field. We’ll be using the site to promote our programme of energy saving seminars and as a resource for anyone wanting to cut their bills.”

GWE Group

GWE have specialised in reducing electricity consumption and costs for all electrical systems since 1994.

With over 25 years in industrial and commercial controls, our Eco-Max Optimiser Systems are developed and manufactured in Sheffield by GWE Group Ltd and are continually making vast savings for a host of blue chip companies.

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