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Based on the information you gave us, it looks like we will need to create a bespoke quotation for you. It’s likely that you have much higher energy consumption than usual for the sector you’re in…

Our bespoke solutions are tailor made with years of expertise to meet all your unique site requirements and will require specialist calculations to be carried out by our team.

Our technical engineers will work alongside you to help you maximise your savings. Reach out to us now to discuss your bespoke solution and begin your savings journey.

UK’s Original Manufacturers

Est 1994, we are the the longest standing voltage optimisation company in the UK

The Most Extensive

We have the biggest range of product sizes to perfectly suit your site


We have a clear focus on our products, with innovative R&D

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 19% and benefit from immediate savings

Reach Net Zero ahead of the competition as

eco-max™ dramatically lowers your carbon footprint

Protect your electrical investments and save on replacement costs

Trust eco-max™ with 29+ years of engineering expertise

Easily integrate our technology with well-known green tech like solar and EV and experience faster payback than both

Reduce the risk of an overvoltage fire

Reap the rewards of being a climate champion in the circular economy


Some of The Benefits...

eco-max voltage optimisation Amazon

Amazon reduced the energy
consumption of the Milton
Keynes distribution center by
11.75% with eco-max paying
for itself in just 8 months.

eco-max voltage optimisation Kelloggs

Kellogg’s eco-max paid for itself in
only 21 months by reducing the
electricity bill by £75,00 per year.

eco-max voltage optimisation ikea

Ikea reduced the annual electricity bill
of their Peterborough site by £39,502,
as well as harmful CO2 emissions by
158 tonnes in the process.