Unlock new opportunities with eco-max

Unlock new opportunities with eco-max

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eco-Max is a well-kept secret within the industry, but with the recent surge in energy costs, more individuals are starting to take notice. There’s never been a more opportune moment to consider joining us!
With the growing interest in energy-saving solutions like voltage optimisation, Eco-Max could be the ideal choice for you.

At our company, our customers come first. With 25 years of experience in partnership-based industries, we have tailored our business to meet your unique needs. Our extensive network of relationships with renewable sellers, wholesalers, and independent sellers allows us to deliver exceptional services that exceed expectations.

We are proud to have a distinguished eco-max client base, including top brands such as The National Trust, Co-Op, and Kellogg’s, among others. Our clients experience significant energy savings worth tens of thousands of pounds every year.

Our product boasts an array of benefits for all websites and is effortlessly marketable. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support to ensure that you connect with your intended audience and maintain their loyalty.

With over 29 years of industry experience, we are well-equipped to impart our knowledge and insights to you. As the original UK manufacturers, we uphold an unparalleled standard of quality. Additionally, we extend exclusive discounts to our esteemed partners, enabling them to optimise their collaboration with us.

Becoming more sustainable is no longer a nice-to-have: it’s a business imperative. Consumers are demanding more sustainable products while governments are imposing regulations. Our voltage optimisation can be the green-solution for you to accelerate your company’s journey to Net-Zero.

Helping your customers reduce their carbon footprint.

With our unparalleled support, we offer a full package that includes sales support, dedicated account management, and on-site assistance. Additionally, our industry experts provide comprehensive reseller training.

Manufactured in the UK and reinforced by the ‘Made In Sheffield’ mark of quality & excellence. eco-max™ products are fully manufactured under comprehensive ISO9001:2015 Quality and ISO14001:2015 Environmental Standards.

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What we offer our exclusive partners

High-Quality Sales Training

Reach your sales targets with top-notch training and tools

Exclusive Partner Portal

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Marketing Materials

Drive growth with captivating marketing resources

Technical Support

Resolve any issues with our dedicated technical support team

Expert Account Managers

Benefit from the support of experienced account managers to seize opportunities

Commercial Support

Beyond sales and marketing, we offer financial assistance and guidance for a confident business journey.


 Enjoy exclusive partner discounts, providing competitive pricing for outstanding energy solutions.

We can help you be more successful in the circular economy

We can help you be more successful in the circular economy

With our innovative Voltage Optimisation technology, you can boost your clients’ energy efficiency, help them achieve substantial cost savings, and become successful in the green economy. 

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Step 1 / 4

Still Not Convinced? Hear it from our clients...

Holiday Inn reduced the energy
consumption by
10% saving them £34,204 a year

The National Trust Owned Belton House saw a 22.8% energy reduction saving them £5,303 a year

The Garrison reduced the annual electricity bill by £6,286.5, paying for its self in 6 months

“We had an eco-max optimiser fitted to reduce our energy costs, and it’s done just that! It was initially looking like we’d be saving nearly £6,000 a year, but GWE also highlighted we were being overcharged, which prompted us to renegotiate a reduction in our energy tariffs so we are now saving even more! 

To minimise any disruption to our guests, GWE arranged to have the optimiser installed overnight. They provided a hassle-free service and I have no hesitation in recommending GWE’s products and services” – Jonathan Ballington, Hotel Manager

Be a part of the energy-saving revolution!

Join the energy-saving revolution!

Speak with our friendly eco-max experts and invest in Voltage Optimisation today to help your clients unlock significant cost savings while reducing their environmental impact.