Welcome to our “Meet the Team” blog series, where we have the pleasure of introducing you to the remarkable individuals who drive the heart and soul of GWE. Today, we’re thrilled to put the spotlight on Jo, our esteemed Marketing Manager, whose contributions have been nothing short of extraordinary. Jo’s journey at GWE showcases her dedication to our sustainable ethos and her instrumental role in shaping our marketing strategies. Join us as we delve into Jo’s world and gain insights into her role, motivations, and personal connection with sustainability.

1) Can you tell us a bit about your role at GWE?

I’m the Marketing Manager responsible for a team of four exceptional Marketing Executives. It’s a brand-new department that manages the overall Brand, Lead Generation, Paid and Organic campaigns, Email Marketing & Google Ads. 

2) How long have you been working at GWE, and what drew you to the company?

I’ve been in the role for just over 6 months! I was drawn to GWE for its sustainable ethos. 

3) Can you walk us through a typical day in your role at GWE?

It’s very varied and interesting so no one day is the same. You could find me sipping coffee, headphones on working busily on a campaign or in a meeting room with my team discussing customer pain points. Every day is different, and I love that. 


4) What inspired you to pursue a career in renewable energy, and how does GWE align with your personal values?

Like many, I’ve been deeply saddened by the destruction of our planet alongside witnessing and experiencing the ongoing effects of the energy crises. I had never heard of voltage optimisation before interviewing but I remember just being blown away that a solution to the problem has been under our noses for so long. I strongly believe that we should be good stewards of the resources we have in this world and so GWEs product and principles align very closely with my own. 

5) What sets GWE apart from other renewable energy companies in the industry?

GWE is completely unique within the industry, being the original UK manufacturer of a system that counteracts energy wastage with the added benefit of lowering carbon emissions and offsetting expensive energy costs. 

6) What has been your highlight of working at GWE so far?

I think it must be launching a brand-new department and growing my team of talented executives to deliver creative strategies to meet business objectives.  

7) If you could switch jobs with someone else in the company for a day, who would it be and why?

I’d love to swap places with anyone from production. I don’t think I’d be very useful, but I’m fascinated by how our products are made and how they do what they do. 

8) What act of sustainability do you implement in your daily life?

I’m known by my friends as the queen of charity shopping. Affordable fashion that’s good for the planet AND supports a good cause, what’s not to love?  

Fun questions

  1. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

    Adele – Someone Like You. Love a ballad me.  

  2. Your dream travel destination?

    Bali. Finally going on my honeymoon this October! 

  3. Best concert you have ever been to?

    I once saw Imogen Heap live in Oxford and it was the most creative and interactive experience I’ve ever had at a concert. 

  4. Favourite food?

    I’m obsessed with Mexican food! 

  5. Favourite thing/place in Sheffield?

    I really love all of the antiques and flea markets, I could get lost in them for hours. 

In conclusion, having Jo as part of the GWE team has been an incredible privilege. Her creative mindset and leadership in shaping our marketing initiatives have contributed to our company’s ongoing success. From her innovative campaigns to her commitment to the principles that GWE stands for, Jo exemplifies the spirit of our organisation. We are truly grateful to have Jo on board, driving us closer to our mission of a greener and more sustainable future.

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