Discover your path to a more affordable sustainable future, using voltage optimisation.

Discover your path to a more affordable sustainable future, using voltage optimisation.

Create an energy savings report that is unique to your restaurant with our online savings calculator. Our innovative eco-max system can lower your equipment’s energy consumption on auto-pilot, leading to financial savings on your energy bills and catalysing your carbon mitigation. Counteract the losses of this last year and give your staff something to smile about with the UK’s best kept sustainability secret.



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The Garrison reduced their annual electricity bill by £6,286.5, with a return on investment in just 6 months.

“We had an eco-max optimiser fitted to reduce our energy costs, and it’s done just that! It was initially looking like we’d be saving nearly £6,000 a year, but GWE also highlighted we were being overcharged, which prompted us to renegotiate a reduction in our energy tariffs so we are now saving even more! To minimise any disruption to our guests, GWE arranged to have the optimiser installed overnight. They provided a hassle-free service and I have no hesitation in recommending GWE’s products and services”

Jonathan Ballington – Hotel Manager

What can a Voltage Optimisation system bring to my business?

🏨 Prepare your business for high footfall with voltage optimisation. 

⬇️ Keep energy bills low, and equipment performance optimal. 

📊 Extensive reporting provides important data for sustainability reporting. 

✅ Trust us, a 29-year industry leader, offering voltage optimisation for quick ROI. 

💼 Increase profitability, boost efficiency, and join hotels like The Garrison in reaping the benefits of voltage optimisation.

📈 Enjoy enhanced savings. Leading to reducing energy consumption, cutting costs, and helping you to become a sustainability leader.

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