Voltage Optimisation is the answer to mitigating your carbon footprint. 

Voltage Optimisation is the answer to mitigating your carbon footprint. 

ESG targets and the net-zero roadmap are impacting all facilities in the healthcare sector. Voltage Optimisation significantly mitigates your carbon footprint. The first step in reaching your sustainability goals is to leverage our online calculator, which offers tailored reports including; Financial Savings, Carbon Reduction & ROI. 



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Why choose eco-max?

Accelerate your net-zero future by installing an eco-max system. With the ability to; Reduce energy consumption, Protect your equipment and cut carbon emissions. 

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Energy consumption

Reduce your surplus energy consumption. Ensuring that equipment is running to its optimal performance, decreasing your equipment’s energy consumption by up to 19% and significantly lowering your energy spend.

Protect your equipment

Extend the lifespan of your equipment by bringing your voltage back in line with the design requirements dictated by the CE / UKCA label; reducing the frequency and costs of replacement.

Cut carbon emissions

Be the sustainability champion in your sector: the eco-max system cuts carbon emissions resulting from higher energy consumption. 

Our intelligent systems provide you with 30x more data than your electricity meter, helping you to create your ESG reports with ease!

Payback Period

9 Months

Average Saved Per Year


Estimated Carbon Saving

21 Tonnes

Energy Saving per Year

38,543 kWh


Bupa were concerned about the suitability of their monthly electricity usage to consider voltage optimisation for their whole site. Their primary concern was risk and avoiding any adverse effect on the operation of sensitive medical equipment was paramount. The secondary concern was the extent of the energy saving to be gained, as a large proportion of the electrical equipment in use was not particularly voltage-dependent.


After carrying out an extensive survey of two separate sites we confirmed that Bupa’s concerns were rightly justified. We identified that the site’s energy consumption was equally split across the admin building, services block and residential wings. Only the energy consumption of the admin block could be significantly reduced by the implementation of eco-max. It therefore made more sense, both operationally and commercially, to opt for a localised voltage optimisation approach. This completely removed any operational risks, reduced the cost of the project, delivering a similar level of savings to the whole site approach and improving Bupa’s return on investment.

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