Benefits of Voltage Optimisation for Supermarket Retailers

Benefits of Voltage Optimisation for Supermarket Retailers

Voltage optimisation (VO) can be a game-changer for supermarket retailers striving to balance efficiency and sustainability.

At GWE, working in partnership with our resellers, we have already designed VO solutions for supermarket giants ASDA and Sainsbury’s, who have both seen significant results.

In this article, we’ll explore how embracing voltage optimisation can empower your supermarket retailer clients to optimise energy usage, drive sustainability, and gain the competitive edge in the retail landscape.

Understanding Voltage Optimisation

If you’re wondering exactly what voltage optimisation is, here’s a little explanation:

Electrical equipment in the UK needs only 220 volts to operate. The National Grid supplies fluctuating voltage levels up to 253 volts.

A voltage optimiser dynamically adjusts incoming voltage to match the optimal level required by the connected equipment, cutting out the wasted energy.

Benefits of Voltage Optimisation for Supermarket Retailers

 Reduces Energy Consumption and Saves Money

One of the primary benefits for supermarket retailers is reduced energy consumption. By optimising voltage levels to match the requirements of the equipment and machinery in a store or warehouse, unnecessary energy waste is minimised. This can lead to significant reductions in energy bills over time. Sainsbury’s reduced their energy usage by 25.4% using eco-max technology, a figure that has been independently verified by RWE.

Lowers Environmental Impact

Lower energy consumption not only translates to cost savings but also to a reduced carbon footprint. Supermarkets can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by implementing energy-efficient technologies like voltage optimisation, sending a great message to eco-conscious shoppers.

Improved Equipment Lifespan

Voltage fluctuations can cause wear and tear on electrical equipment over time. Stabilising the voltage supply to within the optimal range, helps extend the lifespan of equipment. This can reduce maintenance costs and the downtime associated with equipment failures.

Aligns with ESG Goals

Like many other industries, food retailers have a comprehensive set of criteria they have to meet, to track their sustainability performance. ASDA have stated that they aim to be net zero by 2040. Voltage optimisation is already helping to put them on the right track. After installing a bespoke VO system in their UK distribution centres, they reduced their energy usage by 27%, saving 4,238,438 kWhrs per annum.

Minimal Disruption

Unlike other renewable technologies, installing VO and seeing the results can happen in a matter of months. We can work together to design a solution that is tailored to their needs and that can be fitted in a way and at a time that is least disruptive to your client.

GWE Case Study

A British supermarket approached us about installing voltage optimisation technology in 4,000 of their stores. They had a climate change plan to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2025.

We analysed the company’s energy data and designed a bespoke system, that we then tested rigorously. The initial phase one, 64-site rollout was completed in just eight weeks.

From the first rollout, they saw:

  • 7% energy reduction across the estate
  • £200,857 reduction in energy cost per annum
  • 315,560 tonnes of carbon saved

 Our resellers have access to a range of case studies, including retailers like ASDA and Sainsbury’s, to demonstrate the potential savings that can be achieved.

Partner with GWE

Voltage optimisation is an innovative technology, providing supermarket retailers with a comprehensive solution to reduce energy costs, improve equipment reliability and demonstrate environmental responsibility.

If you’re interested in becoming a GWE Partner and demonstrating the benefits of voltage optimisation to your retail clients, then get in touch.

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