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our mission

We design and manufacture high-quality,
cost-saving products that reduce energy consumption. To deliver a greener and more affordable future for businesses and consumers.

Customer focused
Value oriented
Quality Driven
People centric
Customer focused
Value oriented
Quality obsessed
People centric
£ 1000 +
Money saved
1000 +
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Our Happy Customer Promise

GWE’s 5 values ensure that customer relationships are at the top of our agenda and every
exchange is honest and professional. We nurture our longstanding supplier relationships to
guarantee continuous excellent products and prices.


It’s As Simple As One, Two, Three!

Step 1

Use our online savings calculator or contact us to do the calculations for you.

Step 2

Based on your results we will recommend the best eco-max saving solution to help reach your target.

Step 3

Now your eco-max saving solution is installed, you will start saving on energy costs and reduce your CO2 footprint.

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Our Impressive range of case studies and happy
customers offer the ultimate reassurance.
With over 10,000 eco-max customers to date

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