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When lightning strikes, make sure your business and home are protected.

When lightning strikes, make sure your business and home are protected.

Recently the UK has seen a surge of storms and lightning strikes across the country. With all the bad weather in the UK, we are used to it. But if you run a business that is reliant on a lot of electrical equipment, a lightning strike or a power surge can damage it and lead to it underperforming or in need of repair. You may think that lighting strikes are rare but the UK records between 200,000 and 300,000 a year, and even if they strike miles away from your business, it can create an electric surge that can disrupt your appliances.

So, what can you do?

Protect your equipment from strikes and electrical surges with an eco-max surge protection device. As the climate continues to change and weather systems continue to become more volatile and unpredictable, installing an eco-max surge device will provide you with peace of mind.

Not only that, but it will also save you money in the long run by stopping the need to shell out money on expensive repairs to your electrical equipment, should a strike or surge take place. If your business has a lot of expensive machinery, an eco-max is a great solution to ensure that it operates efficiently and protect it from unnecessary repairs.

And it is not just businesses that can benefit by installing an eco-max surge protection device. With many of us now working from home and using more electrical equipment to carry out our jobs. Any surge in the electrical supply can damage computer signals, process and more. If they continue to be damaged, then over time they will fail faster and fail to perform quicker.

So, as the weather becomes more unpredictable, whether you’re a big business or working from home, it is worth considering an eco-max to provide your electrical equipment with the protection it needs.

Easily fitted by a competent electrician and is also an ideal complementary product alongside a voltage optimiser.

eco-max: Bringing energy efficiency to life.

GWE Group

GWE have specialised in reducing electricity consumption and costs for all electrical systems since 1994.

With over 25 years in industrial and commercial controls, our Eco-Max Optimiser Systems are developed and manufactured in Sheffield by GWE Group Ltd and are continually making vast savings for a host of blue chip companies.

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