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That’s right; homes in the UK receive electricity at an average of 242v, but can be as high as 253v! Whereas most of our electrical devices are designed for the European market at 220-230v, so this leads to:

  • Oversupply of electricity
  • Paying for energy you don’t use
  • Shortened life of electrical appliances
  • Greater impact on the environment

Not only does this oversupply mean you are paying for more electricity, but it shortens the life of your appliances. By matching your voltage supply to your electrical appliances and equipment it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and prolong their life expectancy.

How much money am I wasting?

  • Washing machine always seems to be on?
  • Lights get left on?
  • Garden pond filtering all day?
  • Greater impact on the environment
  • Fish tank running a pump 24 hours?
  • Hairdryers whirring and hair straighteners being left on?
  • Leave your fridge or freezer plugged in all day?
  • Got a heated towel rail in your bathroom?

You will get instant savings by installing a maintenance-free Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimiser and you could start saving £100’s per year.


Appliance On full power Volts when optimised with Eco-Max Watts full power Watts when optimsed with Eco-Max Savings achieved %
Twin 6' T8 fluorescent kitchen light 248.0v 223.8v 163W 129W 20.9%
Hairdryer 243.1v 223.3v 1814W 1473W 18.8%
Vacuum cleaner 241.5v 218.3v 1764W 1445W 18.1%
Microwave 247.5v 223.3v 1164W 981W 15.7%
Infra red patio heater 236.4v 218.3v 2778W 2367W 14.8%
Fridge 247.0v 224.2v 84.4W 75.8W 10.2%
Dishwasher (full cycle) 245.0v 221.5v 0.365kW/hr 0.346kW/hr 5.2%

100 % Guaranteed Savings - GW EnergyThe above tables show the savings which can be achieved when using standard household appliances and lighting.

The average saving across all these household appliances is 14.8%. With an average home spending around £584 per year on electricity (ref: that 14.8% represents a saving of £86.43 each year.

The easy way to save power, save money and extend the life of electrical appliances.


4-module-Surge enclosureDid you know that a lightning strike miles away can cause a surge that can damage appliances in your home ?

Modern homes are full of expensive electrical and electronic systems, yet these critical systems are at risk from the regular occurrences of transient over-voltage surges.

The average UK home has around £9,600 pounds of electronics consisting of Fridge’s, Freezers, TV’s, Satellite TV boxes, PC’s, boiler controllers, alarm systems, PV invertors etc which are all acutely susceptible to damage from overvoltage

Lightning strikes, and other power grid surges from sub-station switching and power cuts etc are the main causes of electrical device failure so protection against these over-voltages should be a fundamental part of our electrical system configurations.


Fitted quickly and easily by a qualified electrician next to your fuse board, it will provide you with peace of mind whilst it silently protects all your appliances. Don’t wait for the next power surge to damage something expensive like your widescreen TV before you act, protect your home with Eco-Max Surge today!

  • Reduces degradation of electronic equipment
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Extends life of electrical appliances
  • No big outlay for unnecessary replacement appliances


We always recommend that our Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimiser and Surge Protection products are installed by suitably qualified electrical contractors. Your local contractor can purchase our products on your behalf from most good electrical wholesalers nationally. If you don’t know a local contractor why not ask your local branch of electrical wholesaler to recommend one! click on their logos below and enter your postcode to find your local branch.

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