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Want to lower your carbon emissions? Well, an eco-max can help.

Want to lower your carbon emissions? Well, an eco-max can help.

We all like to do our bit to look after our world and the environment. From reusing plastic bags when shopping, recycling as much as possible, fitting solar panels to our homes or switching to using an electric vehicle. These things have now become common practice for the majority as we aim to do our bit for the environment.

But there is something else you can do in order to look after the environment further and lower your carbon emissions – fit an eco- max voltage optimiser to your home or commercial property.


Unless you are an electrician or work in the electrical industry, you probably won’t know that the voltage supplied to every home and business in the UK to work your electrical equipment is too much. You don’t need it all, it is being over-supplied.

A voltage optimiser will correct the voltage coming into your property to the correct level needed to work all your electrical appliances efficiently. For those who are environmentally conscious, by reducing the energy you are consuming in either your home or your business means you are also lowering your carbon footprint and reducing emissions.

Your business or home won’t even notice a difference. Machinery will work as normal, hairdryers will switch on, a microwave will cook etc. The only thing you will notice is that as you are using less electricity, your bill will also be less. What a nice surprise!

So, as well as doing your bit to save the environment, you are also saving yourself money.

An eco-max can be fitted in a couple of hours by a qualified electrician and will fit near your electricity meter or main fuse box. Once fitted there is no maintenance and you can forget about it. But you can rest assured that it will be helping lower your carbon emissions and helping you do even more for the environment.

eco-max: Bringing energy efficiency to life

GWE Group

GWE have specialised in reducing electricity consumption and costs for all electrical systems since 1994.

With over 25 years in industrial and commercial controls, our Eco-Max Optimiser Systems are developed and manufactured in Sheffield by GWE Group Ltd and are continually making vast savings for a host of blue chip companies.

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