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Is your business looking to reduce its electricity costs? Well, look no further.

Is your business looking to reduce its electricity costs? Well, look no further.

Looking at reducing costs across a business is always front of mind, no matter which industry it operates in, especially now as businesses across the country are looking at ways to get back on their feet. Energy, of course, can be costly and it is the one cost you cannot do without in order to run a business.

When looking at making savings to your electricity bill, there are the usual things that businesses know to do like switching the lights off, regularly switching suppliers and ensuring essential equipment is off when not in use.

But there is another more consistent option to lower the electricity bill for your business – an eco-max voltage optimiser.

What is one of those we hear you say?

Well did you know that electricity provided to every home and business in the UK is supplied at an average voltage of 242 volts and can be as high as 253 volts?. But we don’t need all that power as lots of equipment can work efficiently at 220 volts. Basically, any power suppled over this voltage is wasting energy which you are needlessly paying for. That is where an eco-max voltage optimiser comes in.

For example, if you are working in manufacturing using machinery, pumps, fans, lights etc, this electricity cost all adds up. Same with an office with their lights being on all day and air conditioning units operating. Businesses simply rely on electricity to operate.

But, by installing a voltage optimiser in your business it will enable you to instantly save on your electricity bill. It’s easy to be installed by a qualified electrician in as little as a couple of hours with no maintenance going forward. Our voltage optimisers are made in Britain and come fully guaranteed to provide peace of mind.

So, for guaranteed energy savings for your business, look at an eco-max voltage optimiser as the solution.

eco-max: Bringing energy efficiency to life.

GWE Group

GWE have specialised in reducing electricity consumption and costs for all electrical systems since 1994.

With over 25 years in industrial and commercial controls, our Eco-Max Optimiser Systems are developed and manufactured in Sheffield by GWE Group Ltd and are continually making vast savings for a host of blue chip companies.

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