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How to prolong the life of your electrical equipment now more of us are working from home.

How to prolong the life of your electrical equipment now more of us are working from home.

The working world has changed as we know it. We are ‘zooming’ more, commuting into the office less and all working from home where we can.

This change in working patterns has meant that we are using equipment and technology at home more than ever before.  Rather than spending eight hours in the office each day using a business’s power for equipment such as computers, lights, fridges etc, you are now using your own.

With home working set to stay, an increase in using electrical equipment at home can put added pressure on the appliance, which in turn can shorten its life. Whether this is a laptop, washing machine, TV or cooking equipment. But there is something everyone can do to prolong the life of electrical equipment now we are using it more at home.

Now for the technical bit.

In the UK we receive electricity at a higher voltage than we need – up to 253v in some areas. All our electrical equipment from our TVs to our fridges are designed to work on much less, 220v-230v.  An over-supply of power can shorten the life of the equipment. It basically burns it out quicker than it ought to.

So, what’s the solution?

A voltage optimiser. Our eco-max voltage optimiser will regulate the power coming into your home and lower the voltage to provide the correct amount for your equipment to operate on. This will ensure that your appliances are operating on the optimum voltage so as not to burn out. Basically, you will be looking after all the electrical equipment in your home, so the battery pack will last longer for laptops, lightbulbs will burn brighter for longer and TVs won’t go on the blink.

And we’ve left the best bit for last. An eco-max voltage optimiser will also save you money on your electricity bill, as the supply that you are using is going down – so that means your bill will too. So working from home has now got even better!

For guaranteed savings on your electricity bill and as well as prolonging the life of all your electrical equipment, get in touch as see how we can help.

eco-max: Bringing energy efficiency to life.

GWE Group

GWE have specialised in reducing electricity consumption and costs for all electrical systems since 1994.

With over 25 years in industrial and commercial controls, our Eco-Max Optimiser Systems are developed and manufactured in Sheffield by GWE Group Ltd and are continually making vast savings for a host of blue chip companies.

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